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On-Site Live Artist

Forbes Sang is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tkaronto (Toronto). Sang received his BFA from OCAD University in 2021 and has recently been accepted to NSCAD University, where he will complete his MFA. Sang’s artistic practice conceptually centers around the racial conflict within his identity. As a Canadian-born Jamaican, Sang’s work dissects his own race, familial relations, and selfhood. Through photography, collage, and painting, Sang is able to critique how race and class shape the space he navigates and construct identities within Western societies. Sang’s work has been acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada; he has shown in solo and group exhibitions, such as Ambiguity: An Exploration of Identity at BAND in 2022 and Funhouse at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in 2022. Sang recently had his second solo exhibition, Playbook, at Cry Baby Gallery in 2024.

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