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Linds Miyo


Title: Let Them Look

Dimensions: 20" x 24"

Medium: Mixed Media: Acrylic and Chalkboard Paint on Canvas

Value: $950

Courtesy of the Artist

Self-taught artist Linds Miyo is a Canadian abstract painter. Born and raised in California, her work strives to evoke the strong, direct light of her childhood. A trauma survivor, Linds is interested in the balance between intention and that which is beyond our control, the meeting place between our best efforts and happenstance. Painting intuitively, her intensely personal mixed media works begin with broad representational panes of textured black underpainting. At their core, these are black paintings rich with gravity, brightened and softened by layer upon layer of colour. The finished glow of the work may look effortless, but the effect is achieved by literally grinding paint into canvas - symbolically folding the dark relief of the past into multi-dimensional present-day, with honesty, intimacy, and happiness. Linds has been honoured to show her work internationally and is proud to have received the Akin Studio Residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto. Linds Miyo lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Good Shepherd