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Laura Jane Petelko

The Cardinal Gallery

Title: Stargroves

Dimensions: 18" x 18"

Medium: Limited Edition Photograph, Custom Size 1 of 1 - Archival Print Mounted to Dibond and Framed

Value: $3,500

Courtesy of The Cardinal Gallery, Toronto and the Artist

Laura Jane Petelko is a Canadian photographic artist, based in Toronto, Canada. Having studied in Vancouver, Laura Jane began her career in the arts there in the early 2000's Documenting times of deep transformation and collaborating with women to use their own bodies as media and message. Petelko studied and worked as a master printer for west coast based photographic artists such as Harmony Korine, Kelly Wood, Roy Arden and Ed Rusche. Laura Jane was represented by Vancouver’s “Third Avenue Gallery” for several years before moving back to Toronto. Currently, Laura Jane is exhibiting her latest series MA, created during the pandemic in collaboration with dancers from the National Ballet Of Canada. This work has shown at the Lyceum Gallery, Toronto & Cavalier Gallery, Palm Beach and New York City as well as featured in Park Magazine/ Spring 2022. Her, two bodies of work, the nostalgic and sparse “Endless Gone” series, which was featured at the 2018 opening of the New York City's Highline project by the late Zaha Hadid. The more enigmatic “Soft Stories' which explores our longing for connection with nature and our sense of intimacy was featured in Times Square as part of Cube Fair, Scope Fair Miami in 2019 and in Blank Spaces magazine following her solo exhibition in Toronto, late 2019. Her work has been known for its emotive sincerity, intimate, tender subject matter and (following a 3 year prognosis of impending blindness) her use of in-camera abstraction to remove information and leave what she feels is essential to the feeling and simplicity, while transcending photography's typical relationship with information, resolution and detail. Laura Jane’s work has been recognized and exhibited in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Miami and New York, With collectors in North America and Europe.

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