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Adrienna Matzeg


Title: Tile Study #3

Dimensions: 10.5" x 13" x 1.25"

Medium: Cotton, Linen, Framed in Solid White Oak

Value: $1,100

Courtesy of the Artist

Adrienna is currently working at the intersection of photography, textiles and product design to create her punch needle embroidery compositions. Through working with a range of analog and digital processes she earned her degree in Photography from NSCAD University. Nostalgia is a prominent theme in her practice. Through reducing the subject matter in her work to simplified colours, shapes and fragments she explores how we recall memories, with a specific interest in travel destinations and souvenirs. Adrienna’s personal work has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, The Art With Heart Auction and the DesignTO Festival. It has been procured by Earls Restaurants and has been featured in CBC Arts, STIRworld and The Globe and Mail.

Good Shepherd