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12″ x 14″
Acrylic on canvas

Donated by the artist

Rocio Tupac Yupanqui Cardoso

Rocio Tupac Yupanqui Cardoso is a Peruvian-Canadian artist who explores and experiments with drawing, painting and digital media. According to the artist, the painting created for Art Gems, entitled Aurora, “was inspired by fears I have had, focusing on fantasy and dreams of peace; wonders and self-realization within myself; and the ability to create my own environment and reality without fear.

The design was made through multiple small drawings and enlarged on a canvas. The inspiration of colours and forms were encouraged by the magic of different shows and Disney movies. They helped me create a painting that allowed me to feel the movement and flow of the different colors through the use of opaque and semi-translucent paints, along with the use of organic forms, that twist and turn around the orb to become one.”

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