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Take the World with Me

30″ x 40″
Oil on canvas

Donated by the artist and courtesy Bau-Xi Gallery

Nicole Katsuras

Nicole Katsuras is an artist who explores the very nature of painting. Her innovative practice involves mixing oil paint into a personal palette of colours, then using an improvised system of irregular mark-making tools to apply the paint onto the surface of the canvas. Full of paradox and influence, painterly gestures take from genres diverse as still life and portraiture, to create figure-ground relationships for the viewer to experience as both objects and space and as an ethereality that is open to personal interpretation.

In the decade since graduating from Central Saint Martins with a Masters of Fine Arts, Katsuras has been collected by prominent Canadian collectors like David Mirvish, who specializes in the ongoing legacy of modern painting, Father Daniel Donovan’s historically significant Canadian collection, as well as a number of private collections from Vancouver to Toronto, New York to Istanbul. In 2019, Katsuras exhibited at Samara Contemporary in Toronto and will have a solo exhibition in 2020 at the University of Arkansas and in New York, the following year. The Toronto-based artist is represented by Bau-Xi Gallery. |

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