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18″ x 18″
Oil, dry pastel and ink on canvas

Donated by the artist

Kristín Morthens

Kristín Morthens received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in 2018. Recent shows and art fairs include I Followed a Spiral, It Felt like a Loop at Angell Gallery; Introducing Kristín Morthens at Christopher Cutts Gallery; Þaðsem fer í hringt at Gallery Port (Reykjavík); Grip at GK Reykjavik; Art Toronto; Foire Papier (Montreal) and Art Miami. Morthens’ paintings explore touch and boundaries. She currently works between Toronto and Reykjavík.

According to Morthens, “my work explores touch and boundaries through organic shapes. In the paintings, limb-like forms perform gestures of awkward pokes or dramatic outreaches, either between each other or with its own self. These moments generate different feelings such as, desire, fear, humour and affection. They also examine boundaries that are emphasized through a layer-oriented process, with the use of different materials such as oil, spray paint, ink, charcoal and pastels. That results in visually collaged spaces, where the physicality of edges becomes important. Different sections engage in a push-and-pull relationship, in which the forms either float or sink.”


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