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The Bath (Slowly I Sink)

18″ x 18″
Acrylic on canvas

Donated by the artist and courtesy Coldstream Fine Art

Katrina Jurjans

In the last year of her BFA studies at Concordia University, Katrina Jurjans became increasingly fascinated with spatial theory, and in particular spaces of transition and notions of ephemerality, memory, transformation and emotionality. Manifesting in various forms throughout the years, these ideas have been brought to the conceptual forefront of her painting practice, where they have been solidified into the visual language of pattern, layering, colour, and spatial tension.

Creating poetic narrative heavy with symbolism – where flowers embody feelings of absence and growth and rain clouds communicate intense emotion, Jurjans is interested in the power of analogies to tap in to the feelings we all experience. Shifting into the surreal, the depicted scenes – intimate, often nostalgic and heavy – are anchored to this world while simultaneously departing away from it. Sometimes flesh and blood, other times ghostly outlines exist between somewhere real and imagined. While remaining evocative through gesture and expression, they are in a sense anonymous, representing emotions and memories rather than specific people. Jurjans had her first exhibition at Coldstream Fine Art in Toronto in 2019.

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