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Work #324

18″ x 18″
Paper on panel

Courtesy the Artist

Ben Sellick

Ben Sellick is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent body of work involves the meticulous arrangement of thousands of tiny pieces of paper, resulting in bold colourful assemblages. The artist cuts and produces the pieces of paper with a three-hole-punch and desktop spiral binding machine; he then uses an X-Acto blade, tweezers and glue to methodically arrange each individual piece, one at a time, into various shapes, patterns and forms. By means of the systematic nature of the process, Sellick is able to find a rhythm, focus, and enter a quasi-meditative state. The process is a highly repetitive and performative act, which produces artwork with tangible and lasting results.

Sellick attended Sheridan College, where he studied Art Fundamentals and Technical & Scientific Illustration, graduating with distinction. In 2014, he was a recipient of a Visual Arts – Emerging Artist grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

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