Art Gems 2020 Limited Edition Print

Laine Groeneweg


18” x 18”

$450 framed

Donated by the Artist
Framing generously provided by Superframe

To order your Limited Edition, please call 416-456-0852

Limited Edition Print Sponsor

Art Gems is pleased to present our fourth Limited Edition print, created for Art Gems by Laine Groeneweg.

Laine Groeneweg is a Hamilton-based artist rapidly gaining a reputation for his energetic and audacious printmaking practice. Exploring the possibilities of traditional technique in the wake of more contemporary methods, Groeneweg approaches the print medium as a means of production, inspiration, and preservation. His work is as diverse as the medium itself.

In Community, the work Groeneweg created for Art Gems, a collection of playful hand-drawn shapes was the primary inspiration. Belonging to his more recent series of anamorphic compositions, Community investigates the relationship between form and colour, conjuring up all kinds of memories and emotions simultaneously. Meant to be familiar and vague all at once, Groeneweg presents a space where colour and shape play on our personal recollections of them.

Following his Bachelor of Fine Arts studies at York University, Groeneweg trained as a professional printmaker at the prestigious Fondazione Il Bisonte Per Lo Studio Dell’Arte Grafica in Florence, Italy. He has exhibited his work nationally, and internationally in Australia, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Finland, Italy, Taiwan and the United States.

Art Gems would like to thank Laine Groeneweg and Smokestack Studios for their generous donation to Art Gems.