Art Gems 2019 Limited Edition Print

Saimaiyu Akesuk

Striped Bear

Stonecut, 2018
17” x 24”
Printer: Cee Pootoogook

$550 framed

Courtesy Dorset Fine Arts
Donated by the Artist
Framing generously provided by Superframe

To order your Limited Edition, please call 416-617-8406

Limited Edition Print Sponsor

Art Gems is pleased to present our third Limited Edition print, created by Saimaiyu Akesuk.

An artist from the Kinngait Studio in Cape Dorset, Saimaiyu Akesuk is rapidly gaining a worldwide reputation for her energetic and audacious prints and drawings. It is no surprise that her unique style and imaginative use of colour have launched her to the forefront of contemporary Inuit Art. Born in 1988 in Iqaluit, Nunavut, she has lived in Cape Dorset for the duration of her life.

It was Ningeokuluk Teevee, another Cape Dorset artist, who brought a reluctant Akesuk into the studio and encouraged her to start drawing. At first glance, Akesuk’s work is reminiscent of the simple bold images of her predecessors. However, the similarities are deceptive: unlike her forbears, she has an urban sensitivity that combines elements of Arctic imagery with a mixture of the lyrical and contemporary. Her confident drawings of birds and bears are characterized by her bold and dynamic simplicity, rendered with soft tenderness and, quite often, a touch of whimsy. The results are images that are contained yet expansive, intimate yet celebratory and, even on a small scale, larger than life.

Since the introduction of her work in the 2013 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection, she has gone on to exhibit in solo shows in Canada and the United States. In 2015, Akesuk was an artist-in-residence at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, for the annual Cape Dorset Legacy Project. Her work can be found in the collections of the TD Bank Financial group in Toronto, the National Gallery of Canada, as well as in the Brooklyn Museum. We would like to thank the Saimaiyu Akesuk and Dorset Fine Arts for their generous donation to Art Gems.