Galleries & Professional Artists

Following is a list of all the Galleries and Professional Artists represented in this year’s auction. Click on an artist’s name to see their auction page.

Angell Gallery
Steve Driscoll
Erin Loree

Art Works Consulting
Ness Lee
Sarah Letovsky

Back Gallery Project, Vancouver
Fernanda Levine

Barbara Edwards Contemporary
Katie Pretti

Bau-Xi Gallery
Erin Armstrong
David Burdeny
Kathryn Macnaughton
Janna Watson

Birch Contemporary
Ed Pien

Christina Parker Gallery, St John’s, NL
Kym Greeley

Christopher Cutts Gallery
Rae Johnson
Max Johnston

Daniel Faria Gallery
Douglas Coupland

Division Gallery
Simon Hughes
Alex McLeod

Dorset Fine Arts
Saimaiyu Akesuk

General Hardware Contemporary
Scott Everingham
Caroline Larsen

Georgia Scherman Projects
Melanie Authier

Ingram Gallery
Ryan Dineen

Loch Gallery
Philip Craig

Nicholas Metivier Gallery
Mara Korkola
Charles Meanwell

Project Gallery
Kevin Columbus
Cathy Daley
Dominique Fung
Jean-Luc Lindsay
Tessar Lo
Bobby Mathieson
Callen Schaub

Roberts Gallery
John Lennard
David Marshak
Bewabon Shilling

Stephen Bulger Gallery
Sanaz Mazinani

Wil Kucey Gallery
Megan McCabe