Art Gems 2018 Limited Edition Print

Tessar Lo

An Arrangement With God’s Toenail

Screenprint on paper
18” x 18”
Edition of 15

$495 framed

Courtesy Project Gallery
Donated by the Artist
Framing generously provided by Superframe

To order your Limited Edition, please call 416-617-8406

Limited Edition Print Sponsor

We are pleased to present our second Limited Edition print, created for Art Gems by Toronto-based artist Tessar Lo.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tessar Lo is an artist who creates dynamic works, where contemporary, historic, and imaginative cultural and aesthetic influences converge. Taking cues from nature, he forages in freedom and flexibility, seeking out new experiences and colours. Japanese culture serves as a source of inspiration, using concepts like Wabi-Sabi – the art of transience and imperfection – as a new way of looking at life. With heavy evidence of gestural movement, An Arrangement With God’s Toenail radiates energy with a sense of confidence and emotional honesty.

Lo has exhibited extensively across the globe in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.  More recently, his work was included in the group show One, and Two, and More Than Two at The Power Plant in Toronto. Several large-scale paintings are currently on display in the newly renovated Broadview Hotel. We would like to thank Tessar Lo and Project Gallery for their generous donation to Art Gems.