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Shannon Craig Morphew

Loch Gallery

Title: Windswept Virtual Sky

Dimensions: 20" x 16"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Value: $2,200

Courtesy of Loch Gallery and the Artist

Energetic, expressive, defined. Ottawa artist Shannon Craig-Morphew brings an interpretive style to her artwork that is personal and vibrant. Inspired by her extensive travels throughout Canada and Great Britain, Shannon interprets her experiences with landscapes, figures and still lifes as fleeting moments, their ethereal energies passing through the picture plane and vanishing as quickly as they appeared. Whether it is a landscape shooting past her car window or a serene day on the lake, Shannon is interested in expressing the experience of a moment in time. Shannon uses ink, thick strokes of colour, and paint washes to accomplish this interpretive realism of experience. It is also in her movement that she is able to create these gestural translations of the material world. Her studies included courses at Sheridan College and concluded at OCAD in 2001. Shannon's work is represented in private, corporate and public collections throughout Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Ireland.

Good Shepherd