2019 Step-Up Donors

Thank you to our generous donors who Stepped Up for Art Gems 2019


Jocelyn and John Barford Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
BMO Financial Group / Myra Cridland
Lynne Griffin and Jordan Elliott


Suzanne Ivey Cook
Adrian Elliott
Ann Elliott
Karen Green
Margaret Steed


Karen and Donald Lang


Tara Marshall and Stephen McLennan


Candice Balkowski and Ray Dumas
Ann Birks
Irene Boychuk and Donald Guloien
Joanne and David Browne
Allison and Jason Chang
Catherine and Eric Clifton
Myra Cridland
Susan and Frederick Dalley
Ruth and Douglas Grant
Pat and Bill Harris
Patricia Hastings and Geoff Ashby
Sherri Stevenson and Dave Cassie
Jessica Vernon


Judy Allen and David Whittaker
Shirley Allen
Jennifer Ashby
Sandra and Brendan Caldwell
Cathy Douglas and Mark Smithyes
Paula and Michael Elliott
Lissa Ellsmere and George Main
Nancy and Robert Evans
Christine and Larry Foy
Carol and Brian Grant
Heaps Estrin Team
Caroline Helbronner
Beth Horowitz and Pat Munson
Sue and Steve Howe
Hull & Hull LLP
Diane Karnay and Stuart Bollefer
Ann Katrusiak and John Waldie
Pat and Roger Lace
Rebecca Leigh and Chris Tambakis
Ginny and Doug Leuty
Christine Moss and Philippe Tardif
Museumpros Art Services Inc.
Cindy and Kevin Neville
Janet and Doug Newlands
Judith Peranson
Martha and David Reeve
In Memory of Andrea Ross
Sheree and Jim Stuart
Nora Underwood and Tim Powis
Shelley Yampolsky and Les Greenberg

Special thanks to Jordan Elliott